Digital Art is made on a computer. There are three points important to know in case you would like to buy one of Sashina'€™s digital artwork 1) The sizes of the artwork may vary. You can have a piece of art for example printed 5 cm by 7 cm, or bigger, depending on the work itself matching the request. 2) The material. You can have a digital print for example on photo-paper, canvas or foam. 3) Computer work can be made once, twice, three or more times. It is not like an (read: one!) oil painting you buy. Again, there may be differences in the same artwork in sizes and material, what makes the piece of art itself unique in it'€™s presentation. Because of the first two topics above mentioned, there are no prices on the artworks of Sashina. All are marked as 'by request' or on some cases, not for sale. Feel free to contact Sashina by clicking on the email icon on her pages in case you have any questions or comments. Please be notified that only serious emails will be replied.